Getting Pacemaker Wires Removed? This Decision May Save Your Life

Did you know that the most dangerous procedure in all of electrophysiology is removal of pacemaker lead wires? Because the way it has to be done entails risk of injuring a major vein or the heart itself. Most doctors who remove these leads do so in the cardiac cath lab. DO NOT…repeat…DO NOT agree to that.

Medical literature going as far back as 2008 recommends that such procedures be done: 1. In an operating room, not a cath lab; and 2. That a cardiothoracic surgeon be present during the procedure along with bypass equipment. Studies have shown that this will save lives if a tear occurs. If you’re in a cath lab, there may not be time to get to the OR, get the bypass equipment set up and get a cardiothoracic surgeon involved before you bleed to death.

So INSIST that such a procedure be done in an OR with a cardiothoracic surgeon present. Could save your life.