Cancer Misdiagnoses Injury

Cancer Misdiagnoses Injury in Port Saint Lucie FL

A diagnosis of cancer can be delayed or missed because in early stages there may not be any symptoms. In addition, some symptoms of cancer can be vague and similar to symptoms of other diseases or conditions. For example, symptoms of brain cancer may mimic symptoms of a migraine headache or transient ischemic attack. Symptoms of breast cancer may resemble symptoms of mastitis or fibrocystic breasts. Symptoms of prostate cancer can be similar to symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Symptoms of lung cancer can mimic symptoms of bronchitis or COPD. Symptoms of pancreatic cancer can be similar to symptoms of liver failure or pancreatitis. Symptoms of colorectal cancer may resemble symptoms ofhemorrhoids, and symptoms of bladder cancer can be similar to symptoms of a urinary tract infection.