Hospital Infections–What They Won’t Tell You

Hospitals keep close track of infections that occur under their watch.  They keep statistics showing where the patient was, what type of infection developed, the cause of the infection (if it can be determined), and any steps the hospital staff takes to prevent future occurrences.

Guess what?

You can’t find out any of this information.  It’s secret.

Up to 440,000 American (that’s right — more than 4 football stadiums filled with people) die every year as a result of preventable errors that happen in hospitals.  Many of these are results of hospital-borne infections.

While 31 states now have laws that require the hospitals to disclose infection information to the public, Florida does not.  Let me repeat that: Florida does not.  Welcome to the Sunshine State!

Find out more about this from  Why don’t you send a short note to your state representative or senator asking him or her to do something about this?