How I Handle a Wrongful Death Case

How I Handle a Wrongful Death Case

Wrongful death case

Wrongful Death Cases

If your spouse, child or loved one dies as a result of medical malpractice, hospital errors or nursing home negligence, a wrongful death case can’t even begin to compensate you for your loss.

I fully realize that.  However, a wrongful death lawsuit can do two things:

  1. Make the person or persons responsible for the death become accountable, morally and financially.  Hopefully, being the target of such a lawsuit will go a long way toward correcting the behavior that caused the death.
  2. Give the family a sense of closure, knowing that their loved one didn’t die in vain.

Getting to know my case

I start every potential wrongful death case by asking the family to send me some family photos along with a short biography of their loved one.  This is because I want to know the decedent as more than just a name on a medical record.  I need to know who they were in their life, their accomplishments, their employment, their family.

In my office, your loved one will be a person, not “the aneurysm,” or “the pressure sore.”  That way, I can represent them to the defendants during the case as a real person.  Usually, the hospital or doctor’s insurance company just sees cases like these as financial numbers on a spreadsheet.  My goal is to make them know the decedent like I do.

I strongly recommend

In any wrongful death case where minor children are survivors, I strongly recommend the clients place the minor’s share of any settlement or verdict in an annuity to provide for college funds.  I can’t begin to count the numbers of children of my clients who have been able to go to college because of this.

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