It’s the Season for Infant Car Deaths–Here’s How to Prevent Them

Everybody’s busy. Everybody gets distracted. Last year, almost two dozen babies lost their lives by literally baking to death in hot cars, left there by forgetful parents.

Here’s how it usually happens–mom usually takes the baby to day care or pre-school. She asks dad to take the baby one day. Dad forgets and goes on to work, leaving the baby to die.

Here are two ways to keep that from happening:

1. Put your cell phone with the baby. Unfortunately, people notice a missing cell phone faster than they notice they’ve left their baby in the back of the car. This has an added benefit of preventing texting or calling while driving. Simple fix.
2. Put one of your baby’s toys in your lap while you’re driving. When you get out of the car, the toy will remind you to collect your baby from the back.