Medical Advice–What to Believe

Every day, the news reports have some medical study about what helps us or hurts us.  For example:

–A glass of wine a day is good for you/A glass of wine a day is bad for you.

–Multivitamins help/You might as well toss them out.

–Eggs are bad for you/Eggs really are ok.

What to believe.

Here’s the thing–if you’re healthy, you should probably keep doing what you’re doing.  If you’re not healthy, you should do what your doctor tells you to do.  Don’t pay much attention to those reports.  EXCEPT–Cigarettes are bad for you.  Well, even that’s not exactly true.   The truth is: Cigarettes are TERRIBLE for you.  A study out today says they’re even worse than we thought–and we thought they were pretty bad.

One problem with smoking that many people don’t think about–it prevents wound healing.  Anyone getting surgery or plastic surgery procedures will have trouble healing if you’re a smoker.  Many doctors won’t even operate on patients who are smokers.  As we say in law: Govern yourself accordingly.