Medical Care at a Hospital Might Surprise You

You go to a hospital for care. The people treating you seem to be from the hospital. They wear name tags and ID’s that identify themselves as being affiliated with the hospital. You might be surprised.

For example, hospitals routinely contract their emergency room services to private companies who get paid by the hospital to provide doctor coverage. The ER doc may work for someone other than the hospital, and in some cases, they get cash bonuses for getting the patients out of the emergency room and onto the street faster.

Radiologists and anesthesiologists are likewise employed by private groups, not by the hospital.

A recent article in the Palm Beach Post indicated that a group of trauma surgeons providing coverage to local hospitals overbilled for their services by more than a million bucks. Read the details here:

Just shows you–be careful about your health care. Ask questions. You never know what you’ll be getting.