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Medical Malpractice and Lying Physician Experts

South Dakota doctor just wrote a “confession” for his local paper apologizing for lying on behalf of a physician colleague in a malpractice case. He said there is a cultural attitude among doctors to do or say anything to support their colleagues. He said that no supporting testimony from a defendant doctor’s colleagues can ever be deemed trustworthy.

What does this mean for victims of medical malpractice and their families? It makes winning medical malpractice cases very difficult, because many times a juror won’t know the difference between truthful testimony and lies from the defense expert. We malpractice lawyers have known this for many years, and it’s another obstacle we must hurdle to achieve justice for our clients.

That’s why at Sinclair Law Offices, we have nationally-known medical experts from top teaching medical schools in the country as our experts. We believe in giving malpractice victims and their families the best possible chance for justice.